Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Auristor/AFS File System Overview Page AFS is a distributed network file system.
CSI Hosted Mirrors Page OIT-CSI can publish your content and generate index files for apt and yum.
Getting Started Page In order to successfully build Linux hosts using these tools, you will need access to several other systems on campus.
Linux Software Repositories Page OIT-CSI hosts some software repositories for use by the campus linux community. These are hosted according to several classifications.
Installation Media for Red Hat Linux Page The university enjoys a campus wide site license with Red Hat. See for details of the license, who is eligible, etc.
Satellite Hosts Page Satellite host information needed for registration.
Satellite Registration Guide Page How to register and reregister a host using Satellite 6.
Satellite RHEL 6 Troubleshooting Guide Page Satellite troubleshooting, RHEL 6 style.
Satellite RHEL 7 Troubleshooting Guide Page Satellite troubleshooting through the power of augmented Backus-Naur flatulence.
Satellite Interface Guide Page Basic guide for how to interact with the Satellite UI.
OIT-SnC Splunk Agent repo Page OIT Security and Compliance maintains collections of the splunk forwarding agents that match the versions in use on the servers for many operating systems.
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