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On-Call Playbook for PCI timeserver hosts Page Time servers are "connected systems" and are therefore managed in the PCI infrastructure.Use your .re (regulatory) accounts for all access
On-Call Playbook for Operating System Checks Page Here are the first responder tasks for the basic OS checks performed on most systems.
On-Call Playbook for role::oit_linux::foreman hosts Page This role manages the Foreman, aka
On-Call Playbook for role::oit_linux::mirrorserver hosts Page This role manages the campus mirror server for Fedora, CentOS, and various other internal packages. It is available at and privpackag...
On-Call Playbook for role::oit_linux::puppet_ca hosts Page This role manages the puppet certificate authority servers. These hosts generate and verify the cryptographic keys used by hosts to identify themselves.
On-Call Playbook for role::oit_linux::puppet_master hosts Page This role manages the puppet masters, which compile manifests, record facts from clients, and generate actions to match client facts to the desired state ide...
On-Call Playbook for Satellite Page Here are the first responder tasks for Satellite.
On-Call Playbook for Legacy Nagios (uniXXsm) Page Nagios is the engine on Sysnews that drives the "field of green."
On-Call Playbook for Legacy Proxy (uniXXpx) Page These are the campus proxy servers.
On-Call Playbook for role::oit_linux::tftpserver hosts Page This role manages a "standard" tftp server controlled by a Foreman "Smart Proxy"
On-Call Playbook Sysnews Quirks Page The sysnews nagios implementation is ancient and overloaded. There are a few things you can understand that will assist you while working with it.
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