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Add Users to your Foreman Org Page You manage access to Foreman for your organization. For someone to **see** your hosts in Foreman, you must add their IDs to your organization. For someone ...
Configure Organization Defaults Page Most host configuration is best done in Host Groups, but there are several settings you should review at the organization level.
Create a new host in Foreman Page How to create a new host in foreman
Entering network information for a node Page How to enter network information for a new host in foreman
Other entries for new Hosts Page Other helpful settings for a new host.
Associating a Puppet Role Page How to assocate a puppet role with a node in foreman.
Node Classification Page Each node in Foreman gets assigned a Puppet class. This class determines the configuration details for the system.
Get a Foreman Organization Page The OIT Foreman is not currently available for production use at NCSU.
Foreman Setup Page Foreman is a powerful tool that comes with some amount of complication. Here we'll cover some of the basics of usage and configuration.
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