Supported Operating Systems

Almost six hundred Linux distributions exist, with close to five hundred out of those in active development. OIT CSI maintains expertise and can provide quality support for only a subset of "all things linux" This page gives a general overview of what support we can offer for various distributions.

Levels of support

We provide three general levels of support for all of our services. We allocate resources to give the most attention to our “full” support areas, at the expense of our “best-effort” offerings.

OIT and the campus at large have many other groups that can provide assistance, and we will attempt to direct you to others when appropriate to best serve your needs.

Support Level Description
full CSI actively pursues expertise with this technology, and intends to be a trusted partner with campus in this area. We monitor infrastructure relating to this technology 24x7, and respond to issues in this area as a top priority. We maintain support contracts with vendors in these areas to ensure maximum effectiveness for campus.
limited CSI provides some services in this area, but should not be your primary source of support. We will attempt to identify what we can and cannot be expected to help with – for example, we may provide installation media but cannot help troubleshoot installation issues.
best-effort CSI has no formal understanding of this distribution, but will do our best to refer you elsewhere, identify a technology with which we can support you, or provide any general knowledge we can. Best effort issues are not our organizations’ priority, and we cannot afford to spend too much time researching such cases.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Traditionally, all our support has been centered around RHEL, though it is expected that this will change in the relatively near term.

OIT CSI supports the RHEL “Server” edition of that operating system. We can only offer “best-effort” support for the Workstation editions, and cannot recommend “Workstation” as a soultion for campus.

OIT CSI will assist with versions of the Red Hat operating systems in the Production 1 and Production 2 stages of their [lifecycle]. Anything earlier, or any beta or pre-release software would have to fall in a “best-effort” category.


We provide only limited support for Ubuntu at this time.

Basically,we provide some important software repos, like the Autistor client, the Splunk Agent and the Avamar agent. You can install Ubuntu server in our build environment, but we don’t currently test Ubuntu in the ncsu:: puppet classes.

OIT CSI will assist with LTS (long term support) versions of Ubuntu in the Current stages of their lifecycle. Anything in End of Life, or Future` software would have to fall in a “best-effort” category.

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