CSI Support and Practices

The Central Services Integration team(CSI) was formed in 2012 as a tier 3 support unit for enterprise level integration of Linux / Unix services within the Office of Information Technology(OIT). CSI maintains 24x7 oncall support for all services. CSI support provides multiple mechanisms for new and existing customers to receive assistance.

Access during work hours

CSI maintains a chat environment in campus Slack forums under the name #csi-linux-talk. The forum is an open environment for general questions or issues for existing customers and the general linux community about CSI services. In addition, CSI maintains a Google hangout also called csi-linux-talk for customers supported by a Google distribution list for all environment announcements, updates, and maintenance. This forum is an optional opt-in once users gain access to the OIT Linux Services Environment.

Access to the NCSU ticket system

CSI can be reached for significant concerns and requests by opening a ServiceNow ticket in the LINUX queue. This system can also be used to schedule assistance on a project using the OIT Linux Services build environment. Customer that do not have a ServiceNow account can open a ticket by sending an email to linux@help.ncsu.edu. General concerns can be routed by the OIT Help Desk by sending email to help@ncsu.edu.

After hours support

CSI maintains a central monitoring system within Sysnews with 24x7 notification access via email and SMS to groups at NC State. Groups that use OIT Linux Services can be assigned a notification queue to monitor their critical systems and services.

Notification for service outages

Any maintenance that may result in a service outage is reported and tracked in Sysnews; a Unity account and login is required to read detailed maintenance information.
For more details on the OIT change action process, login with your unity ID to the CAB FAQ.

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