OIT-SnC Splunk Agent repo

OIT Security and Compliance maintains collections of the splunk forwarding agents that match the versions in use on the servers for many operating systems.

Splunk forwarding agent

Please note that installing the splunk forwarders is only part of the process to successfully use splunk. For information about all things splunk, including registration with the servers, configuring the forwarders, and policies, please contact OIT’s Security and Compliance unit.

Installers for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu/Debian and other OSes can be downloaded from


Access is possible from on-campus/vpn only.

RedHat / CentOS

To configure your systems to have access to new updates automatically as they are published, perform the following steps.

Create a oitsnc.repo file in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory with the following contents.

name=NCSU OIT Security and Compliance repo

You can now install the latest version of the splunk forwarder with the command

yum install splunkforwarder

When you use yum update to refresh your systems or install updates, it will have access to any new versions or patches to the splunkforwarder that SnC has released for campus use.

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