Services for Everyone

TODO: talk about predictability and support

For those who just want something that works

For those for whom any of the barriers of learning (and keeping up with the moving target of “best practices” surrounding) the linux command line, editors, the git system, or the Puppet language are the issue….

We’ll call this the “centrally supported” / “kit” / “assisted” model (??)


  • A page describing the “production”, “ncsutest” and “forgelatest” branches
  • A summary of the change management workflow controlling these environments
    • quarterly updates with fixed test periods for ncsutest => production
    • Observations of “churn” upstream, indicating the value of cu ration.
  • A summary of the ncsu:: namepace and the problems it sidesteps
  • A strong statement of what “support” means for the ncsu:: manifests
  • A summary of that a group can do with their own repos
    • don’t forget, we don’t “own” their repos, ever/ We can host if needed.

Do we want a “user group” or lunch and learn kinda community?

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