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Red Hat Satellite is a systems-management product by the company Red Hat which allows system administrators to deploy and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) hosts.

A Satellite server registers with Red Hat Subscription Management, mirrors all relevant software like security errata and bug fixes, and provides this together with locally added software and configuration to the attached servers.

The managed hosts register against the local Satellite server and access the provided resources like software packages, patches, configuration, etc. while they also provide information about the current health state of the server to the Satellite – wikipedia

Access to NCSU’s Satellite

Access to the Campus Satellite is handled via Wolftech AD accounts. The Satellite uses AuthN (Username and Password only) from Wolftech to identify users. Initially, users do not have an account inside the Satellite. When a user logs in the first time, they are given a blank permission set. Users are then granted the base permissions to the Satellite from a member of CSI.

If you have already logged into the Satellite and been given the permissions failure notice, please create a ticket for CSI in the Linux queue to grant full access.

NCSU’s Campus Satellite may be found at

NCSU’s OIT Satellite may be found at


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