Installation Media for Red Hat Linux

The university enjoys a campus wide site license with Red Hat. See for details of the license, who is eligible, etc.

Installation Media

You can install Red Hat Linux either over the network, or via removable media such as a DVD. CSI supplies infrastructure to ease network installations.

All Installation media is available from addresses on campus only. You may need to use the NCSU vpn if your network address is not seen as local.

RHEL 7 and later

Network installations

For RHEL 7 and later, devices on the campus network can access Installation trees at the URL$major/$version/$arch/kickstart/

Here $major represents the major version number (eg 7), $version represents the OS version (eg ‘7.4’), and $arch represents the machine architecture (eg x86_64).

We encourage you to use our centrally supported build system to build your Linux hosts, but you can support your own network installations using the path listed above.

Install ISOs

ISO images suitable for burning to a DVD or used as virtual media can be found at

RH7 Workstation support is “binaries only”

CSI provides the installation images and yum package repositories for the workstation edition of Red Hat as a courtesy for specific campus groups.

We recommend that you do not use Workstation unless you have the technical support in house to support it.

RHEL 6 and earlier are deprecated

Network installations

OIT does not recommend installing new systems on RHEL 6. We do continue to maintain the existing [Realm Linux] campus installation resources.

RHEL linux is hosted on

Install ISOs

ISO images are not provided for all previous releases. OIT CSI will assist with versions of the Red Hat operating systems in the Production 1 and Production 2 stages of their lifecycle. We cannot guarantee any assistance with anything earlier.

Satellite Registration

Installation media is not all that is required to build a functional RedHat system. Registration with the Red Hat Satellite is also required for licensing and process updates.

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