Linux Software Repositories

OIT-CSI hosts some software repositories for use by the campus linux community. These are hosted according to several classifications.

Public Mirrors

We are “official” mirrors of the following upstream projects. Follow the instructions on their pages and you should automatically be redirected to our servers if we’re the fastest connection for you.

The public mirror server is

Private Mirrors

Anything licensed, or otherwise not distributable to the entire Internet, such as:

The private side server is:

This side of the mirror can only be accessed via campus IP address. You may need to use the VPN to connect if you aren’t on campus.

Run the following commands in a bash shell to add the oitcsi repo to your list of active repositories:

sudo cat <<ENDOFREPOCONF >/etc/yum.repos.d/oitcsi.repo
name=NCSU OIT CSI repo


Hosted Mirror Services

Note, CSI can help host your repositories either publicly or privately. You’ll need to provide storage space in the form of an NFS share or Fiber Channel block device that can be connected to our mirror server. We’ll handle the web side. Open a Service Now ticket to start the discussion.

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