Puppet Environments

Puppet Environments allow the management of isolated groups of agent nodes. An environment can be associated with particular versions of modules, as well as isolated hiera environments. OIT maintains three environments for general campus use.

production environment

The production environment is the one you should use in most cases. The modules in production have all been tested for interoperability by OIT-CSI, and the ncsu:: modules are all guaranteed to work with these version.

Four times a year, we update production to the latest tested versions in order to keep current with the upstream open source Puppet forge. This updates are scheduled with campus, and announced via [SysNews].

ncsutest environment

The ncsutest is the campus “integration” environment. New modules, and module updates are tested for interoperability in ncsutest for a proscribed period (so everyone can test) before being moved as a group to production.

forgelatest environment

The forgelatest environment is generated each night to include the latest versions from orge.puppetlabs.com of every module currently in ‘production’.

It is provided so that admins can quickly check their puppet manifests against the current most modern code base.

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