Foreman Setup

Foreman is a powerful tool that comes with some amount of complication. Here we'll cover some of the basics of usage and configuration.

Getting a Foreman Account

  • Logon to the Campus Foreman
  • Click Administer -> Users
  • Click the “Create User” button
  • On the “User” tab:
    • Set the “Login” field to the user’s Unity ID
    • Set the “Authorized By” field to “LDAP-Wolftech”
  • On the “Organizations” tab:
    • Click on the Organization you’re assigning. The selected value will move to the right.
  • On the “Roles” tab:
    • Click on the “Manager” role you’re assigning for the Organization (e.g “OIT_PCS-Manager” for OIT_PCS). Again, the selected value will move to the right.
  • Click Submit

Subnets in Foreman

Foreman keeps a database of subnets that help simplify the configuration of networking. The subnets you want to build in will need to be added to this database, and the appropriate firewall will need to be configured.

Classifying a node in Foreman

When you classify a node in Foreman, you’re telling it which Puppet role should be applied to a host.

To classify a node:

  1. Logon to

  2. Click Hosts -> All Hosts

  3. Find your host and click on the blue link for the host’s name. For this example, we’re going to work with “csitest1” GitHub_Toolbar

  4. Click “Edit” GitHub_Toolbar

  5. Make sure of the fields are filled in before continuing (especially the two fields at the bottom related to Puppet). GitHub_Toolbar

  6. Click the “Puppet Classes” tab. We can tell that this host hasn’t been classified yet because nothing is shown under “Included Classes” GitHub_Toolbar

  7. There are two groups of classes provided for you: one for “ncsu” provided classes and an additional unique one for your organization. In this example, we’re going to select a “test” role found under “oit_linux” (you will have a different organization name shown).

  8. Click on the link for your organization to see a list of provided roles. GitHub_Toolbar

  9. Click on the name of the role you want to select.

  10. Notice the role we selected is now listed under “Included Classes” GitHub_Toolbar

  11. Click “Submit” to submit your changes.

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