Getting Started

In order to successfully build Linux hosts using these tools, you will need access to several other systems on campus.


Infoblox is our current DNS management solution, and is required to allocate IP addresses in campus networks and to facilitate the network install of operating systems by configuring DHCP settings. This system is managed by NC State Comtech

[ComTech] maintains a list of Lan Administrators and uses this channel to share information about changes in the network.

Active Directory

Our linux environment uses the WolfTech Active Directory for authentication, and AD groups in Wolftech for authorization.

An account or accounts with permissions to manage groups in your OU is required to control the permissions on the machines you create, and potentially a service account with “computer migration” permissions and OU rights in order to join each workstation to the domain.

Git Hub at NCSU

Establish an account at to initialize your account. This allows permissions to be set properly.

Service Now

CSI uses NCSU’s ServiceNow to communicate and co-ordinate with customers and other IT staff. Your ServiceNow group name will be required to configure host settings in Foreman


The Foreman provides the management console for creating and managing linux computers in our environment. Some initial configuration is also required.

There are multiple Foreman servers – your needs will determine which one to choose.

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