Move PE host to pcibuild.oit

Our original PCI implementation was build on Puppet Enterprise (PE). We have since found the Open Source versions of Puppet and Foreman to be a superior combination for us. This page describes how to migrate a running host from PE to the newer system.

For existing hosts with no re-installation

1) Stop puppet systemctl stop puppet.

2) On the host, edit the /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/puppet.conf file:

  • server =
  • ca_server =

3) Run puppet agent -t --noop to get host created in Foreman.

4) A human will need to assign the host record to the proper organization and hostgroups. As the new host will be added to Foreman without an organization, a Foreman admin from CSI will need to correct this. From this point onward, management for the host is done through only.

5) Assign the appropriate role to the host.

6) Run puppet agent -t --noop to confirm configuration.

7) Start puppet systemctl start puppet.

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