Getting started with PCI Foreman

How to get a new linux connected system built.

Get your group the WolfTech RENV( Regulatory ENVironment )

Contact [Security and Compliance][]

Get access to the PCI Foreman

If you’ve never had access to the PCI Foreman, CSI will create a Foreman “organization” for your group so that you can create and manage hosts.

Once the Foreman organization is created, any regulatory user in the identitied AD group will be able to manage group resources in Foreman. All account work (password resets etc) are not done by CSI, but handled using the RENV processes.

Make sure your subnet/vlan has the proper firewall entries

CSI can assist you with this. If your connected system is in a network that has never been configured, it will need to have the proper firewall ports opened.

The PCI foreman is and the Firewall should be configured in a similar manner as firewalls for the campus Foreman.

Configure your PXE boots

The PCI environment uses almost identical technologies as our regular campus build system The main differences are in the policies and processes by which it is maintained.

The Foreman host that you use to manage PCI systems is

Use the PXE-Dev-PCI filter in Infoblox to select the proper environment.

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