On-Call Playbook Sysnews Quirks

The sysnews nagios implementation is ancient and overloaded. There are a few things you can understand that will assist you while working with it.

Sysnews is not Real Time

It’s natural to expect Sysnews to quickly update and show hosts as OK fairly soon after problems are resolved.

Unfortunately, this is simply not the case.

Most checks have an interval of at least 20 minutes. This means that a check will be scheduled roughly 3 times in an hour. If the nagios hosts are busy (and the ARE) things may not be updated until cycles become available.

When you press the Force immediate Status Check it will queue all checks, but that in no way guarantees that the system will actually be able to process them right away.

Keep unwell hosts in Maintenance

Until you personally see an “everything green” response, don’t take a host out of maintenance. Far too often, nagios can’t keep up with the checks, and you’ll get another page.

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