CSI - Nagios configuration changes for Windows

Most of the information on this site is intended for our customers' consumption. We do have some process notes intended to guide CSI technical staff through the environments' implementation. In general, these notes assume familiarity with our back-end processes and are not as "user friendly" as we hope to make the rest of the site.
We include these docs here so that they are available in the off chance that they might prove of interest.

Nagios customizations to ignore Windows services

Some Windows processes trigger a warning when they restart as part of their normal function. This requires a change in the function which checks for Windows processes so those processes are ignored when restarted by the server.

We will create a copy the “server:os-windows” function and add the override setting for that process to the “windows services” status check. You will then have a custom version of the functions which ignores the specified process

Firts confirm that the secondary function is “server:os-windows”

  • Find host in server status grid
  • Click “Modify this servers function”
  • Confirm that secondary function is server:os-windows

Create an empty “server:os-windows-ignore-xxx” function

  • Open Realm Function Database : https://sysnews.ncsu.edu/tools-bin/nagios-functiondb
  • Enter the name of the new function at the top of the screen. In this case, it will be something like “os-windows-ignore-xxx” where xxx is the label of the process that will be ignored
  • Click “Add new function”
  • Give it a descriptive name, then click “Submit changes”

Edit the new function, then clone the checks from the existing “server:os-windows” function

  • In Realm Function Database, find and select the newly created function in list, Select it.
  • Click “Edit Function”
  • Select “server:os-windows” from the pop up list next to the “clone service checks from” button. This will copy the default services from “server:os-windows” into this function.

Update the “windows services” function in the list to add the process to be ignored

  • Next to Display Name for “windows services”, click in the “check command” box and scroll all the way to the right. You will be adding an additonal parameter to the end of the line.
  • Note that there are already a number of ignored services
  • Add the new service to be ignored to the end of the list. Format is “!exclude=XXX” where ! is the separator between exclude definitions and XXX is the name of the service to be ignored.

Note : You should have gotten the service name from the customer. The name is case sensitive. So for service GISvc, it would look like this : !exclude=GISvc

  • BE SURE to click the “Update” button at the right end of that row, or else your changes WILL NOT BE SAVED
  • click “Submit Changes” button, which is about in the center of the screen.
  • Click “Yes” to confirm this is correct

Change the server configuration to replace the default “server:os-windows” function with the one you just created

  • Open the “Realm server Database Definition” for the server for which settings are being changed
  • Click link to remove the “server:os-windows” function
  • Add the “server:os-windows-ignore-XXX” function you just created in its’ place
  • Submit changes

If everything worked correctly the service should eventually turn green. You may have to wait a bit for it to update. If it is still no updating and turning green, double check to make sure that the new service to be excluded is named properly.

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