Internal - Tag summaries for CSI Docs

Most of the information on this site is intended for our customers' consumption. We do have some process notes intended to guide CSI technical staff through the environments' implementation. In general, these notes assume familiarity with our back-end processes and are not as "user friendly" as we hope to make the rest of the site.
We include these docs here so that they are available in the off chance that they might prove of interest.

Tag Summaries

Indices of our documentation pages sorted by tag

CSI Support levels

OS Specific pages

Product specific pages

Content types

Contextual tags

Repo Tags

For the mirror/repos service, we have many small products/applications that we may host. To build indexes for these, we use the special tags

Creating new tags

In the root directory of the oit-csi/documentation repo is a shell script named createtag

Always use createtag to generate new tags.

About - Tag summaries of CSI documentation

These tag summaries are indices of our documentation pages sorted by tag

In the front matter of every page on this site, there is a tags: entry that allows one to assign labels to a page.

These tags generate special summary pages that gather up all the pages with the same tag. For example, pages marked with tags: [ puppet5 rhel ] would be indexed unter the automatically created pages tag_puppet5.html and tag_rhel.html

This automation comes from the theme we’re using, jekyll documentation theme

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