SFTP/SCP Service

SFTP access to AFS space provided through ftp.ncsu.edu

Purpose : SFTP/SCP service connects remote users to their AFS filespace. Two servers are load-balanced to provide a high level of service.

Access requirements

  • On campus : NC State network address and Unity ID with 2FA
  • Off campus : NC State VPN and Unity ID with 2FA

Protocols supported

  • SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • SCP - Secure Copy Protocol
  • FTPS - File Transfer Protocol Secure

FTP server settings

  • Hostname : ftp.ncsu.edu
  • Username : UNITY id
  • Password : UNITY password
  • Protocol : SFTP, SCP or FTPS
  • Port : 22

Administrative access : Provided via SSH connections on port 24. Any attempts to connect via an interactive SSH session on port 22 will be blocked and the user notified

AFS user volume support : Provided with the Open AFS client

Software : The FTP/SFTP service is typically used with a GUI based client that treats the remote server like it is a local drive attached to the computer.

Commonly used software packages are :

  • WinSCP (Free) : Windows
  • Filezilla (Free and paid) : Windows, Linux, Macintosh
  • Expandrive (Paid with free trial) : Windows, Linux, Macintosh - Mounts your remote filespace like another drive
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