Node Classification

Each node in Foreman gets assigned a Puppet class. This class determines the configuration details for the system.

Classifying a node in Foreman

When you classify a node in Foreman, you’re telling it which Puppet role should be applied to a host.

To classify a node:

  1. Logon to

  2. Click Hosts -> All Hosts

  3. Find your host and click on the blue link for the host’s name. For this example, we’re going to work with “csitest1” GitHub_Toolbar

  4. Click “Edit” GitHub_Toolbar

  5. Make sure of the fields are filled in before continuing (especially the two fields at the bottom related to Puppet). GitHub_Toolbar

  6. Click the “Puppet Classes” tab. We can tell that this host hasn’t been classified yet because nothing is shown under “Included Classes” GitHub_Toolbar

  7. There are two groups of classes provided for you: one for “ncsu” provided classes and an additional unique one for your organization. In this example, we’re going to select a “test” role found under “oit_linux” (you will have a different organization name shown).

  8. Click on the link for your organization to see a list of provided roles. GitHub_Toolbar

  9. Click on the name of the role you want to select.

  10. Notice the role we selected is now listed under “Included Classes” GitHub_Toolbar

  11. Click “Submit” to submit your changes.

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