Create a new host in Foreman

How to create a new host in foreman

Log into the CLS Foreman using your Unity userid and password

Before you proceed, there are some things you need to be aware of:

  • Selecting “Cancel” from any tab will cancel the entire creation process
  • Do not select “Submit” until all the tabs have been completed
  • Always fill out the screens from the top down. Doing otherwise can confuse the web page.

After you’ve logged in to Foreman, select the Hosts -> Create Hosts menu.

Under the Host tab

  • Name (short name, not fully qualified)
  • Organization (defaults to yours)
  • Host Group
  • Deploy on (“Bare metal” until we get compute resrouces up and running)
  • Environment
  • Puppet Master
  • Puppet CA

Under the Operating System tab

  • Architecture - Usually “x86_64”
  • Operating system - Choose your poison
  • Build - checked
  • Media - Select “Satellite at NCSU”
  • Partition table - Select “OIT-Linux Supported Partitioning”
  • PXE Loader - Select “PXELinux BIOS”
  • Root password - initial root password used for setup
  • Provisioning templates - Click the “resolve” button to make sure Foreman is happy with your selected choices.

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