Firewall Information for Satellite

You'll need to ensure the ComTech firewalls are configured to allow communication between your hosts and the Red Hat Satellite systems.

Ports for the Satellite

Port Protocol Service Required For
80 TCP HTTP Anaconda, yum, for obtaining Katello certificates, templates, and for downloading iPXE firmware
443 TCP HTTPS Subscription Management Services, yum, Telemetry Services, and for connection to the Katello Agent
5647 TCP amqp The Katello Agent to communicate with the Satellite’s Qpid dispatch router
8000 TCP HTTPS Anaconda to download kickstart templates to hosts, and for downloading iPXE firmware
8140 TCP HTTPS Puppet agent to Puppet master connections
9090 TCP HTTPS Sending SCAP reports to the Smart Proxy in the integrated Capsule and for the discovery image during provisioning
5000 TCP HTTPS Connection to Katello for the Docker registry
Tags: firewall
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