Overview of the Environment

Leveraging some features of the git source code management system, we can provide both extreme flexibility and customization while at the same time provide a stable, predicable, well curated system.

Campus needs a nimble deployment system for Linux systems where subject matter experts have complete control of the underlying technologies.

This completely distributed model does have a disadvantage, in that it excludes those groups that cannot afford to develop (and maintain) the required expertise in these underlying technologies.

High barriers to entry for folks who just want to build a system. One must know and follow Linux and Puppet best practices, in addition to learning git and other unfamiliar stuff.

We want to lower barriers to encourage more usage, without losing the distributed administration that the campus currently enjoys.

Provide a “soup to nuts” environment

  • supported
  • scalable
  • predicable

We have some specifics about the Services for Everyone we expect to offer.

Be compatible with Campus Efforts

  • Opt out at ANY time without assistance
  • Merge back if desired
  • Open source model means lurkers can benefit from our processes

We have some specifics about the Services for experts we expect to offer.


  • Foreman as host management means flexible config management
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