CSI - Auditing

Most of the information on this site is intended for our customers' consumption. We do have some process notes intended to guide CSI technical staff through the environments' implementation. In general, these notes assume familiarity with our back-end processes and are not as "user friendly" as we hope to make the rest of the site.
We include these docs here so that they are available in the off chance that they might prove of interest.

Auditing Pull Requests with Puppet

Which pull requests were approved (merged) for a given date range?

  1. Log on to github.ncsu.edu

  2. Select the organization you want to work with from the dropdown box (e.g. “pcipuppet” or “oit-csi”)

  3. Click on the “Pull Requests” tab near the top of the screen

Image showing the organization dropdown box in the right hand corner of the github GitHub_Toolbar.
  1. Enter search criteria similar to the following (without the quotes) into the text box with the magnifying glass and press return:
Image showing the a search on the github GitHub_Toolbar.
  • For PCI: “is:pr user:pcipuppet merged:2017-06-01..2017-11-30”
  • For Campus: “is:pr user:oit-csi merged:2017-06-01..2017-11-30”

This searches for pull requests which were merged on the date range given for the specified org (though for some reason it’s called “user”)

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