Overview of OIT Linux Service Environment

The OIT Linux Services( OLS ) environment is a central place for users to build and maintain services on a linux platform. The goal of this environment is to remove the need for users to learn about and maintain infrastructure. At the same time the environment is modular enough for a customer to take advantage of as much, or as little that the customer may need without being forced in an entire suite of options.

Build a host, build multiple hosts

  • The [CLS Foreman] server provides a shared environment for managing Linux objects and reviewing deployed installations. Customers have full control through a web based GUI.
  • The environment is backed by a Content Management System( CMS ), currently Puppet, to manage, customize, and dynamically maintain changes as needed.
  • A Source Code Control Repository( SCCR ) houses and maintains configuration for the CMS. The CLS environment currently leverages NCSU GitHub for all work in the environment. The SCCR provides checks and balances requiring oversite before changes can be pushed to production, the ability to test or ‘fork’ a branch of code, test alternative environments, and finally merge work back into production.
  • Regular, predictable update schedule to ensure all the tools stay up to date.

Support for security standards

  • The OLS environment can support multiple standards
    • Procurement Card Industry ( PCI )
    • Endpoint Security ( EPS ), as individual controls become available
    • NIST
    • ISO 27001

Support for standalone hosts or centrally managed virtual environment

Full Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • OIT maintains a fully redundant Red Hat Satellite( RHN ) that automatically registers newly-built hosts for patch management.
  • Standard build templates for deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux( RHEL ) supporting multiple NCSU available authentication sources( Wolftech AD ) with full SElinux and security hardening standards.
  • CSI staff are available during working hours on slack for immediate questions. Login and visit #csi-talk-linux
  • The ServiceNow support system ‘linux’ queue provides a support mechanism for larger issues or requests.
  • Options are available to register your host with central monitoring to receive 24 x 7 health monitoring, email/sms notification, and oncall support.

Access to resources for projects

  • Access to the OIT mirror server for Centos and Fedora distributions.
  • CSI maintains limited support for the following distributions of linux
    • Ubuntu
    • Centos

Assistance using the environment for special projects

  • Leverage the CLS to build a custom branch of code for whatever project needs exist.
  • Use OLS to deploy any distribution of Linux needed for an organization or project.
  • Leverage OLS existing code along with your own custom code.

Contact us at linux@help.ncsu.edu to get started.

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